Sunday, May 11, 2008


How do we know the difference between inspiration, which is derived from Source, and thoughts that come from the conditioned mind?

Thoughts and action inspired by Source are accompanied by feelings of calm and peace. When we act in accordance with our conditioned programming, we will eventually feel frustrated and unfulfilled. The more conscious we become, the easier it is to discriminate between Inspiration and unconscious conditioned desires.

Until we know the difference intuitively, we may have to follow our impulses regardless of where they are coming from. For example, we may have an impulse to buy a flash car. As much as we may enjoy it, it can never make us feel fulfilled. If we identify with our possessions, they will reflect back to us the insecurities which compel us to feel important in the eyes of others. We need to seem important because we feel unimportant.

If we feel peaceful while following an impulse and the action promotes understanding for all concerned, our impulse is inspired.

If we allow Divine Inspiration to guide us in all our activities by surrendering to what is, everyone involved will benefit from our actions (although they may not realize it at the time), and we become a fundamental part of human evolution.

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