Sunday, April 6, 2008


Stress and fear are the same thing. Stress is a euphemism for fear.

When our bodies are in a perpetual state of stress, adrenaline is constantly coursing through our muscles and organs. The system was designed so that adrenaline is released in short bursts when we are under imminent threat.

When we are stressed, it is as if an automobile was running at maximum revs constantly. The car's life is greatly shortened and it is susceptible to mechanical breakdown.

We can release the stress by bringing awareness to our bodies, our activities, our thoughts, our emotions, and our breathing. The awareness brings acceptance of our current situation and allows the stress to be released like a balloon slowly releasing air. Otherwise the balloon will continue to expand and eventually burst. Similarly, if we do not release our stress, we could suffer a heart attack or a stroke.

Let's be aware of the fear and the stress within our bodies and release it by awakening to presence

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Nils said...

Stress is has become the normal state of affairs for many of us. Have you noticed that when you ask a friend to get together for a dinner we often reply - "we are sooo busy right now - how about something in August; or perhaps the early Fall?" When we are stresseda and feel that we are too busy we often ignore our friends and loved ones and become consummed in our own little world. Think of someone you love today; breathe a couple of times; and pick up the darn phone!