Sunday, February 10, 2008


Enlightenment is not a nearly impossible to attain state that only a handful of people have ever experienced. Enlightenment is the realization that Infinite Divine Energy, consciousness, awareness, the unmanifested, or whatever we choose to name it, is what we are.

We feel cut off from the energy field that we are and believe that we are a thought construct built up over our lives and confirmed daily by people with similar (or dissimilar) thought structures. We believe the stories that we tell about ourselves are who we are.

Donald Trump is the perfect symbol for the entire world of an ego-identified person. He believes he will be admired if he acquires enough golf courses, buildings and other physical structures. His desire is to be the envy of everybody in the world. If he is envied, he believes that he must be worthy of envy. If he is worthy of envy, his life must have value.

His problem is not that he has a lot of things, but that he identifies with those things and believes that his value as a person is derived from those things. No acquisition can bring him satisfaction as he must continually acquire more and never feels that he has enough.

Having goals does not create dissatisfaction. Believing that acquiring something will make us whole or happy is what creates frustration and dissatisfaction.

There is nothing that we have to acquire. There is nothing that we have to experience. We do not have to attain Enlightenment because Enlightenment is what we are. All that we have to do is realize it.

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Nils said...

My world always seems to be about getting, getting, getting. I hope I will get what I want and I fear that I will not get what I want. What is it I want anyway?