Saturday, February 16, 2008


True change cannot occur until we accept reality as it is. When things happen that we are not happy about, we become irritated, frustrated and resistant. We wish things had not happened in the way that they did.

If we have a sore throat and we have an important meeting or fun activity planned, we become angry and upset with our condition. Of course, this only worsens it. Also, we tell ourselves "I always catch a cold at the wrong time," or "I must be coming down with the flu," or "Why does this always happen to me." By telling ourselves these stories we reinforce the situation we do not want to occur, attracting it to ourselves. We literally make ourselves sick.

If we instead fully accept our situation and do not label or judge it, we allow our body to heal itself. If "My throat feels sore" turns into "I am coming down with something," we will. Without judgment, the sore throat could go away in a day or an hour. It is the negative thoughts that often cause the sore throat to turn into something more serious.

Similarly, if we become irritated because we are stuck in traffic, we become unnecessarily anxious and stressed. If we allow the situation to be as it is, by, for example, enjoying the music or time by ourselves, things will unfold in the way that they are supposed to. We are flowing with the current of Life. We may find that the traffic clears or we were better off not arriving in a "timely" manner.

Let's fully accept whatever occurs without judgment or labels.

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MartyB said...

I-dentity. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an "I"? :) The view outward from our Ego is valid - and partial. There is also another view that includes and transcends the Ego. Jung saw it as a pre-existing "Self". In metaphysics and religion, it also has many labels. When we are quiet, we may become conscious of this more inclusive awareness. That is our gift - we are consciousness that has become aware of itself.