Sunday, February 15, 2015


Office Meeting in Venice Beach

It is stressful and takes so much energy to play various roles in front of different groups of people. We wear different masks in different situations.  We wear one mask for our parents, another mask for our children, another mask for our lover, another mask for our bosses, and so on.  We try to put forward the image that the person we are interacting with expects to see.  We are putting on a show instead of living an authentic life.  It is exhausting to put on these different personas

Intimacy is when we show who we are, regardless of whether we look silly or scared. Intimacy requires transparency.  When we live transparently, we flow with the rhythm of Life.

Being authentic is relaxing because we do not have to remember what story we told what person.  We relax into our Being.  We never have to think about or remember how we are supposed to act.  We are who we are and we do not care about the consequences.  We never alter who we are because we are worried about how the other person will react.  Their reaction is immaterial. Who we are is of prime importance.  We act authentically and let the chips fall as they may.

Let's be authentic and transparent.

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