Sunday, February 22, 2015



There is nothing wrong with having nice things.  It's when we believe that these things will make us whole that we get into trouble.

The key to peace, love, joy and freedom in our lives is not about acquiring anything, it is about surrendering beliefs.  The more beliefs we shed, the more joyful our lives become.

We may believe that having a romantic partner, landing a new job, or having financial security is what we need for our happiness and well being.  Once we acquire those things, we may be happy or feel secure for awhile, but soon discomfort and unease return.  Then we move on to the next thing that will bring us peace, and so on.  It is a never ending cycle of desire and frustration.

We can enjoy things without being attached to them.  As long as we do not believe that any material object or person can bring us true satisfaction, we can take pleasure in all that this world has to offer.
Also, we do not have enough information to determine what is good for us or what is not.  We may think that having an expensive sports car will make us feel whole, but if we have a bad accident and end up paralyzed, perhaps not so much.  Miracles occur when we surrender our desires to the Infinite Energy Source.

The key to satisfaction is gratitude.  When we are grateful, we are satisfied with the things that we have.  As a bonus, gratitude triggers the Universe to give us more abundance.  Non-attachment and gratitude are the keys to happiness.

Let's be non-attached to all things and grateful for the things we have.

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