Saturday, November 1, 2014


Venice Beach This Morning

Studies show that placebos work as well or better than many drugs.  They work even if we know that we are taking a placebo.  More expensive placebos work better than cheaper ones.  We fool ourselves into getting healthy.

We are literally more powerful than we can possibly imagine. 

The only thing preventing us from accessing this power is that we get in our own way.  How do we get out of our way and access the infinite power that is available?  By surrendering our thoughts, which emanate from ancient belief structures which no longer serve us.  Like a snake shedding its skin, we can step away from our belief systems, awaken to who we really are, and experience harmony, peace, love, joy and freedom.

Our power is in the present moment, between our thoughts.  When we surrender our thoughts and allow things to be just as they are without the filter of our many belief systems, we are free.  We see the beauty and grace which lay hidden behind our unconscious beliefs.  We allow miracles to occur and laugh at our past foolish obsessions and pettiness.  Everything that occurs to us is a Divine gift specifically designed for us to enable our awakening.  Once we open our eyes without judgment, we understand what has been there all along, waiting for us to discover it.  

Let's surrender to the Miracle.

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