Sunday, November 9, 2014



Can we love someone who is trying to hurt us emotionally or physically?

If we are angry at someone who cuts us off in traffic, would we feel differently if we found out they were rushing an ill person to the emergency room?  If someone slaps us, would we still be angry if we found out that the person was developmentally disabled?  If someone is trying to hurt us, and there is no obvious reason for their cruelty, how can we feel love for that person?  Does our anger soften when we realize that the cruel person is acting out of a deep self hatred and feeling of hopelessness?

We can change how we react to cruelty.   The anger and hatred we feel to those who have harmed us does nothing to help our situation.  By not reacting, we can more effectively deal with it.  That does not mean that we have to allow people to hurt us or condone their behavior.  We can defend ourselves and others as necessary.  We can and should tell others in a loving way when they have crossed the line. We can even kill with love.

Let's love even those who try to harm us.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Phil,

Your writings are astonishing.

I take three deep breaths, then a tear comes to my eye.

A tear of recognition and happiness, not sadness.

We are very thankful you are here now in this world.

All Blessings and Peace Profound,

Willi Vision

Anonymous said...

If I told you Phil is a lawyer, you might be surprised.

Then, I would simply say, Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer and the rest is up to you ....