Sunday, September 21, 2014


Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Emotions are thoughts which manifest within the body.

Thoughts are ephemeral, non physical, imaginings.  They have no power until they take hold in the physical body. Anger, passion, fear, and frustration are caused by thoughts which arise from our conditioned belief systems.

Thoughts on their own have no power.  When thoughts combine with painful memories (thoughts of the past), they begin to gather strength.  In short order the body begins to react.  Adrenaline levels rise.  Blood rushes to our face and head.  No matter how hard we try to keep our composure, we are soon out of control.

We can break the hold that our thoughts and emotions have over us by bringing our awareness (i.e., our attention without judgment) to them.  When we bring awareness to our emotions without reacting to them, they begin to dissipate, like the air slowly going out of a balloon.  The more we bring our awareness to our emotions, the less of a hold they have over our lives.

If we try to stifle or ignore our emotions, they will often cause disease or gain in strength within our subconscious, ready to explode at the next opportunity.

Let's bring awareness to our thoughts and emotions.

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