Sunday, December 22, 2013


Coromandel, New Zealand

Have we examined our thoughts recently?  If we do, we will find a mixture of regret about the past ("what he did to me was not right!"); dread or hopeful anticipation about the future (If only I get this job, everything will be great."); ill-informed judgments ("that woman looks like a phony."); mundane thoughts ("I need to take the garbage cans out"); and utter gibberish ("What if PLANET OF THE APES was real?").

A very, very small percentage of our thoughts involve helping us achieve our life's goals.

So if the vast majority of our thoughts are at best useless and at worst are causing us to be angry, frustrated and depressed, how do we improve this situation?

We create a separation between ourselves and our thoughts through awareness.  By bringing our attention to our thoughts, without judgment, a separation is created, and we realize that we are not our thoughts.  We are beings who are aware of our thoughts.  This separation causes our thoughts to lose their power over us.  By shifting from unconscious thinking to awareness of our thoughts, we align ourselves with Universal Intelligence.  This alignment brings peace, joy and love into our lives.

Our thoughts bring us nothing, especially compared with the gifts that awareness brings.

Let's be aware.

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