Sunday, December 29, 2013


Qamea, Fiji

We may desire, for example, a new home, a new job, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a new car, and so on.  Obtaining the desired object will only bring us fleeting satisfaction.  Soon, we will feel frustrated again and desire something new.  

If we dig a little deeper, we understand that these desires are only reflections of what we truly desire.  When we desire a new home, what we really desire is safety and security.  When we want an expensive car, we really want to be acknowledged and admired.  When we want a boyfriend or girlfriend, we really want to be loved.

Instead of focusing on what we think we want, we can focus on what we actually want, on a deeper level.  The material things we want are but a poor reflection of our true heart's desires.

When we acknowledge what we truly want, we begin to understand that what we really want is what we actually have.  We do not need to add anything to achieve it.  It is our natural state.  We just have to shed the layers of desire, expectation, judgment and belief, which have been programmed into us and which are keeping us from being fulfilled.

If we surrender our material desires, we can have all the peace, love, joy and freedom we crave.  It is simple because we do not have to seek them out or do anything to obtain them.

Let's focus on what is important and true.


Sharon Y Cobb said...

When I write, to discover a character's true motivation I must peel away his or her layers of conditioned desire. The character's outer goal is usually only a distraction. The character's inner goal many times is a mystery to the character. The best characters must shed their material desires to become their real selves.

Sharon Y Cobb said...
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