Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hakone, Japan

We do not need to figure everything out.  If we have a difficult problem, we cannot find the best solution through thought.  When we surrender our judgments and beliefs, we realize that we do not have any problems at all.  We just have situations that we are interacting with.

When we allow Universal Mind to take over our actions, the result is the highest outcome for all concerned.

When we surrender our desires and expectations, we will receive miracles beyond anything that we can imagine for ourselves.  Our life's purpose will be fulfilled.

Our stress fades away when we realize that we do not have to plan our lives or solve our problems.  We do not have to think or do anything at all.  All we have to do is allow things to be as they are.  We will be led to our highest outcome.

We do not need to understand how Universal Mind works.  We could not begin to comprehend it anyway.

Let's surrender to the Great Mystery.

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Nils said...

Let it be. One of the most profound phrases that the normally very genial Paul McCartney gave us. Always good advice. Thank you Phillip for this reminder.