Sunday, November 10, 2013

Enlightenment Now

East Cape, New Zealand

It is time for us to get off the "spiritual path."  Many spiritually minded people say that they are on the path because that is an appropriate and modest thing to say.  Being on the path is a perfectly fine place to be.

The only problem is, the Universe will create a reality in perfect alignment with what we believe.  If we are on the path, we will always be on the path.  When we think it and say it, we do not have the actual intention that someday we will arrive and be enlightened.

The only reason that we do not believe that we will ever awaken is because we do not believe that we are capable of it.  We think that enlightenment is only for Indian gurus or a handful of great spiritual teachers.  We believe that it is too difficult.  This belief leaves us in a perpetual state of becoming.

There is a different way.  We can declare in this very moment that we are enlightened and will it into being.  I have written about The Upward Spiral in previous posts, and will not repeat what I said here.  Suffice it to say, if we declare it right now, the Universe will respond in an instant, and bring it into reality.  If we think it, declare it, and believe it, we will will it into reality.  Negative thoughts, such as anger, loneliness, frustration and fear cannot survive in the face of the strongly held belief that we are enlightened.

How awesome would it be if every person reading this post became enlightened in this very moment!

Let's get off the path and wake up right now.  This moment is the only time we can awaken.  We cannot awaken in the future because the future is an illusion.  It is only a concept.  It has no existence.  Now is the only time that exists.

Hallelujah!  We are now enlightened!

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Sharon Y Cobb said...

I love this post, Phillip. Thanks so much for sharing this profound belief. We are enlightened, indeed. Have a beautiful day, my beloved friend.