Sunday, October 20, 2013


Santa Fe, New Mexico

God whispers, rarely shouts.  God will never enter our life uninvited.  Of course, God is us and we are God.  However, we cut ourselves off from our higher self with the noise of our thoughts.

When we are in stillness, we can hear the subtle messages from the Infinite Energy Source.  It is the space between thoughts where the information we all crave resides.  Stillness arises when we allow our thoughts and feelings to pass through our awareness like clouds drifting across the sky.  It is when we grab onto our thoughts or believe that they represent the truth, that stress begins to enter into our lives.  The stress leads to frustration, anger, disappointment and depression.

When we hold onto our negative thoughts, they automatically attach themselves to painful memories and we begin to unconsciously spin out of control.  The sadness which would have passed in a few minutes, becomes a depression which lasts for hours or days.

We can break this memory association by bringing awareness to our thoughts and feelings.  Awareness is attention without judgment.  When we surrender our judgments and opinions and watch our thoughts pass through our awareness, we become still.  In this stillness, peace, love and joy reside.

When we give up control in stillness, we begin to fulfill our true purpose.  Our decisions bring us and everyone involved the highest outcome.  Miracles cascade into our lives.  We experience a peace and joy that we have never known.  All that we have to do is give up who we think we are and be who we truly are.

Let's be still.

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