Saturday, October 5, 2013


Pohutukawa Tree, New Zealand

The fear of death follows us like our very own shadow.  It is certain that every living thing will someday be dead (some scientists believe that babies being born today may never die due to the accelerated pace of advances in artificial organs and robotics, but thinking about that makes my head want to explode, so we will leave that alone for now).

The unexamined fear of death affects everything that we do.  It brings irrational fears, neuroses, rage, dread, and so on.  We do not have enough information to determine whether death is indeed a bad thing.  Why do we assume that death is something horrible?  We do know that energy cannot be created or destroyed.  Why would we not think that death is just another adventure?  Regardless, the sooner that we become comfortable with the idea that we will be dead sooner or later, the more we will enjoy life and the better off that we will be.

It is not about thinking that life is short, so we better enjoy it while we can.  It is remembering that the present moment is eternal.  Once we live in the eternal space of the Now, we become at peace with everything that happens to us, including our impending deaths.

Let's be at peace with the concept and reality of death.

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