Sunday, August 26, 2012


Rangitoto, New Zealand

The seat of our intuition is within our bodies.  Intuition is our communication with the Infinite Energy Source, which some call God.  When we bring our attention within our bodies, we notice whether we are closed and limited, or open and expansive.  When we make a decision, we can tune into our intuition in order to see whether we are moving from fear or in harmony with Spirit.  We simply turn our awareness within our bodies and notice whether we feel tense and constricted (which feeling comes from fear) or relaxed and open (which feeling comes from love).  We can quite literally make decisions by "following our gut."

The more we tune into this inner communication, the  better at following our intuition we will become.  Decisions will come naturally and effortlessly with better results for all concerned.  

Let's turn our awareness within.

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