Sunday, August 12, 2012


Qamea, Fiji

When we begin to awaken, our lives open up in ways that we cannot expect.  Synchronicities become commonplace.  The blessings accelerate.  We do not need to embrace gratitude.  Gratitude comes naturally when we acknowledge how things have changed and how beautiful life is.  We realize that what we have been taught by the spiritual masters is true.  We chuckle to ourselves when we think about how hard we worked to achieve our goals (often ending up in disappointment and frustration) and how easily and effortlessly things come to us now.  We joyously ride the wave of  Life in harmony with All That Is, emanating and receiving Love.  Things that used to bother us seem of little importance now.  Our petty grudges are dissolved.

We feel the quickening of the energy that seems to be occurring, at least in California.  Given the Arab Spring and other developments, I suspect that others in this country and around the world are feeling it too.

We don't need to feel grateful, because it is inevitable.

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