Sunday, May 13, 2012


Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan

Our true nature is peace, love and joy.  Our experience of our true nature is obscured by a veil that we have created.  The veil is our ego, our thoughts, our beliefs.  Our thoughts that we have had throughout our lives has created a system of beliefs that has hardened into a wall between ourselves and our true nature.

We do not have to search for love and happiness.  We only have to lift the veil and be who we really are.  We can lift the veil of hardened beliefs by surrendering our prejudices, thoughts, judgments and beliefs and turning our awareness to the present moment, the place between our thoughts.  Our thoughts will then recede into the background and we will be in harmony with our true selves, i.e., Universal Intelligence.

 Let's be one with our true nature by surrendering our thoughts and beliefs and being present.

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