Monday, May 28, 2012

The Instrument

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

We are not inside our bodies.  Our bodies are within us.  Our bodies are our instruments for interacting with the material world.

We all know what it takes to keep our instruments in good working order:  whole organic foods (our fuel), clean water, pure air, and consistent exercise.  The most important factor in keeping our instruments working is eliminating stress.

Heart disease is the number one killer.  Stress (in very direct relation) causes heart disease as well as many other diseases.  It is also the major cause of our frustration and unhappiness.

Stress is caused by compulsive, unexamined thought.  The thoughts that cause stress usually consist of expectations of future events.  We fear something that we think will happen to us, or we are afraid that we will not receive something that we think we deserve or desire.

By eliminating expectations, we eliminate stress.  We eliminate expectations by surrendering our desires and bringing our attention, without judgment of any kind, to the present moment.

Our expectations of what we think we want pale in comparison to what we receive when we release our thoughts and allow Universal Spirit to guide us.  We are relaxed and stress free because we know that everything will unfold just as it should for the highest outcome for all concerned.

Let's allow reality to be just as it is.  

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