Sunday, January 8, 2012


Bee Boxes, Te Kouma, New Zealand

We try to figure out the solutions to our problems by thinking them through. Sometimes we do not have enough information to formulate a solution. We do not have a clear view of the bigger picture. Also, we are trapped by our conditioning to only have a narrow set of beliefs within which to figure things out.

There is a better way. There is an Infinite Energy Source, which we are a part of. Some call it God. I usually prefer not to because that word is so loaded with religious dogma. We are cut off from the Source because we are trapped in a world of compulsive thinking that is a result of our programming from birth. We cannot see outside of our tiny world view.

Instead of trying to figure out a solution to our problems through thought, we can surrender to the Infinite Energy Source. It will guide us to the best solution for everyone concerned. We need to have faith that the Source exists and that we are a part of it. It is hard to have faith when we have been so disillusioned by life and the reality that we experience. The only reason that we are disappointed by life is because we do not see the full picture. For example, we are afraid of death, but how do we know that death is not a beautiful thing? We cannot know within our limited experience. If we have faith and surrender to the Infinite Source, we will be supported. We will be loved. We will begin to see the beauty of life. Our faith will then be reinforced. We just need to take a leap.

Let's surrender to God.

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