Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Frontier

Waitete Bay, Coromandel, New Zealand

The new frontier is Love. Love is the same as God, which is What We Are. It is our very essence. Love will not intrude on our lives if we do not want it to. It will not penetrate our wall of compulsive thought. However, once it is invited in, it will envelope us like a tidal wave. Once we open the door a tiny bit with our intention, that is all the encouragement that Love needs to enter our lives and transform us.

I propose an experiment. If we transmit Love every time our eyes light on a person, our ears hear words from someone on the telephone, we receive an email or a text, or we think of someone, everything in our lives will be different. Our business and personal relationships will be better. The Universe will cooperate with us instead of fighting against us.

Every time we have a negative or judgmental thought, we will replace it with loving thoughts. We will connect with every person we encounter with genuine warmth. We will even broadcast loving intentions and thoughts to those that are angry with us or are trying to harm us.

Let's not forget to transform our thoughts about ourselves into Love, as well. We are deserving of that.

We will create a Love Energy Field. Fear will not be able to penetrate it as Love is stronger than Fear.

Let's surrender to Love.

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