Sunday, October 16, 2011

Recipe For Enlightenment

Waiheke Island

The recipe for enlightenment is simple. Becoming enlightened is difficult.

First, we need intention. We have to want to become enlightened. I say intention rather than desire because if we desire something, we tend to push it away from us.

Once we have the intention, we need to choose the tools we need to become enlightened (Eckhart Tolle calls them signposts). The tools available for us to choose are infinite. We can meditate, bring our awareness to the present, bring our attention to our bodies and release everything that we are holding, we can be fully aware of what our senses are experiencing, we can surrender all of our thoughts, beliefs and judgments, etc., etc. Finding the tools we are looking for is easy because once we are on the path to enlightenment, the Universal Infinite Energy Source is there to help us. We will find the tools that are perfect for us once we are open to finding them.

Once we choose our tools, we need discipline to consistently utilize them. The pull of compulsive thinking is strong. It is like a magnetic field. Our ego constantly tries to pull us back into the world of obsessive thinking, the belief systems of the various tribes that we belong to, and fear-based judgments about ourselves and the world.

Once we become aware and begin to release the thoughts that we have buried deep into our subconscious, it takes courage to be able to face them without judgment or fear.

Of course, there is no path to enlightenment. If we consider ourselves on the path, we will always be on the path. Enlightenment can only occur in the present moment. This is where words reach their limitations. Enlightenment can occur in an instant without any effort or intention.

Let's be enlightened now.

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