Saturday, October 1, 2011


Coromandel, New Zealand

Our judgments and beliefs about the state of our lives are so strong that it is extremely difficult to accept reality just as it is. We adamantly refuse to surrender our conceptions about our lives and how they became this way. Even though we may be extremely dissatisfied and frustrated with the way things are, we would rather hold on to our beliefs than let them go.

This makes no sense. If we are entirely unhappy and fed up with our lives, it makes sense to try another way. Instead of trading one set of beliefs for another, what if we gave up all our beliefs about how things are and how they got that way? We would accept reality just as it is. We would not be overly concerned with how things got the way they are. We would surrender our lives to what is. Our lives would become synchronized with the Universal Energy of All That Is. Our frustrations would fade. We could begin to affect real change in our situation. Every activity we do would enhance our lives. We are in harmony with ourselves and Life. It all starts with acceptance.

Let's accept things just as they are.

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