Friday, March 11, 2011

Outside In

Nara, Japan

A way to access our inner selves is through fully inhabiting our outer selves. The way to activate our inner senses and experience our inner dimensions is to be fully aware of our 5 three dimensional senses. Let's see with our eyes, without labelling or judging what we see. Let's hear the sounds all around us without thinking about who or what is making them. Let's feel the ground below our feet and be aware of the taste when we chew our food. Let's bring our attention to our breath going in and out. When we are fully inhabiting our bodies without judgment or thought, we are in harmony with Source. Our awareness grows and new dimensions of being will be activated. We will see things we have never seen before.

Let's bring our attention to the present moment.

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Another great blog post Phil! Keep them coming. Yesterday I rehearsed with my band, went to the cloisters, looked at the Unicorn tapestries, smelled the little flowers coming up by the Hudson, and ate a healthy vegan meal at the Little Leaf restaurant,then I gave my friend a back rub. I felt so satisfied and happy! You are absolutely right about feeding ALL our senses every day.