Saturday, February 12, 2011


Bay of Islands, New Zealand

When we present a face to others that is different than who we are, we create a split in ourselves. There is who we are. And there is how we present ourselves to the world, who we pretend to be. This split cuts off our connection with Universal Source. When we are cut off from Source, we will become unhappy, our relationships will suffer, and our bodies may break down and we may become ill.

We pretend to be happy when we are not. We pretend to like someone when we do not. We keep our anger and frustration hidden from the person who is causing it. We may be afraid to express ourselves or not want to hurt someone's feelings. We may act the way someone wants us to act in order to have them like us. Every time we do this we create a split in our personalities.

We have the courage to be who we really are in all circumstances. When there is no difference between who we are and how the world sees us, we allow the energy to flow through us unimpeded. It is so much more relaxing to be ourselves. Our stress is released because it takes so much energy to pretend to be something that we are not. If people do not like who we are, that is their problem, not ours. We may lose friends, but we will find other friends, ones who resonate with us and who like us for who we are.

Let's be who we really are.

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