Monday, February 21, 2011


Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Meditation is the easiest and the hardest thing we will ever do. The most important rule of meditation is that there are no rules. We could sit on the floor, in a chair, lie down, walk, listen to music, be in silence, use candles, use incense, have our eyes open or closed. We have to discover what works for us.

People everywhere are beginning to awaken to the power of stillness. We can jumpstart our lives and rid ourselves of our neuroses and unhappiness by meditating. When we are in the present moment, the whole Universe seems to cooperate with us. Even the traffic lights turn green. When we devote even just 20 minutes a day, we are recharging our batteries by plugging into the Infinite Energy Source. Is it worthwhile to make room in our day for 20 minutes in order to make our whole day and even our whole lives better and more fulfilling? I would say so.

Let's take time to rest in stillness.


Nils said...

You make a very important point here Phil ~ people should not feel intimidated by the idea of meditation. There are many forms and there is one that will just be right for "you!" The important thing, as you point out, is that we all find a little time in our day to check out of our monkey mind and find a little space. You will be amazed what you find there!

Whatever! said... a non religious way! ahhhh the joy of a stilled meditation, and the then also the wonderful challenge of a meditation where thoughts bombard the mind, thanks Phillip for your words