Sunday, January 23, 2011


Rangitoto, New Zealand

What we believe is true is not true. What society tells us is not true. What our teachers taught is, what our religious leaders tell us, what the media projects, all our not true. The world we believe is a hologram of our programmed beliefs and conditioned responses, just like in the MATRIX films. Truth can be experienced by surrendering all of our beliefs about what we think is true. By not knowing, we will know. By seeing without judging, we will know truth.

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Jo said...

Kiaora Phillip, thank-you for sharing your blog. It came to me via a friend of a friend on FaceBook who shared the link. I love what you write about and how each post has a photo. Your words are wonderful, beautiful and so in tune with the things that I write about too!

I decided on the 31st Dec 2010 that I would paint a rock a day and with every rock would be a story. I see what you are doing here as something similar. Here is the link to my album of rocks and stories on FB. It has been a wonderful way of connecting with other and sharing my art with others.

Thanks again, very inspirational. Arohanui, Jo :)