Sunday, January 16, 2011


Asakusa Festival, Japan

There are so many distractions and there is so much noise in our daily lives that it is difficult to appreciate stillness and silence. The media and information that inundates us every day rattles our brains.

If we take a few minutes of every day to simply sit in silence, everything will be different. There will still be the noise, but we will be less affected by it. We will be bemused by it instead of it carrying us away. We will choose to watch a pigeon or an insect, rather than the loudness of watching television. We will appreciate the simplicity of life. We will see through the conditioned layer of society to the inner core of our being. When we quiet the mind, thoughts that we have been avoiding come to the surface: thoughts that make us uncomfortable, thoughts that make us angry, thoughts that make us afraid. We acknowledge these thoughts without judgment and release them.

Let's choose stillness.

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