Saturday, October 2, 2010


Meteor Crater, Arizona

We sometimes get irritated when we miss a traffic light while driving. We sometimes become enraged when someone cuts us off in traffic. We often live life on a hair trigger, where the smallest slight will cause us to instantly flush with anger.

We may not realize it, but every moment we are making a choice. We are choosing to react in an angry or judgmental way. Once we realize that we have a choice, why would we choose to be angry over inconsequential things? When we are angry, we are harming ourselves more than others. Our blood pressure and stress levels spike and we are agitated for hours and sometimes days, contributing to our feelings of unease.

We become angry because we believe that our thoughts represent the truth. Once we realize that our thoughts are not truth, we can notice them and not react. We then become free of the shackles of conditioned consciousness. The triggering thought will pass in moments, as opposed to keeping us agitated for days. Our thoughts are not truth. Every moment is a new choice.

Let's be aware of our thoughts without reacting or judging. This is freedom.

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Mr.Electric said...

Philip Talk about timing ~ I agree with every word written here there is an awakening happening now more than ever and people such as yourself and I would say a select few really, actually get to live in this space, most others are living in the unconscious programed mind state that usually is based off a past experience so there for how could they possibly be present and now ... they cant be. What we have truly is what we have right now in this present moment and nothing else. To live in this space of "now" is to really live ...we are gifted with it at birth however it seems to slip away when Ego and Fear and doubt starts to creep in ...I love your Blog ....keep it up ... So engaging and inspiring thank you Zen MAster LOve Phil Jill and Stryder and Samson