Saturday, October 16, 2010


Waihihi Bay, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

We hold onto our beliefs as if our life literally depended on it. We believe with such certainty, that we think that anyone who disagrees with us is an idiot (or worse). We believe that the stories we tell ourselves and others are without question, the truth.

The more adamant we are about our beliefs, the more insecure we truly are. The firmness of our beliefs is in direct relation with the fragility of our egos. We would rather hold onto our beliefs than be happy, confident, peaceful and free. Is the price we are paying really worth it? What would happen if we lost the certainty of our beliefs? Would we be lessened as people if we surrendered our judgments? Would we be lost, with no anchor, if we stopped criticizing and holding firm opinions about what our world is?

Once we surrender our judgment, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas about our reality, we will see ourselves and the world as they really are. Our insecurity and neuroses will lessen. We will experience freedom and joy. We will start to like ourselves and ignore the pettiness and faults in others. We will live in harmony with the Infinite Energy Source.

Let's surrender to joy.

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