Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Qamea, Fiji

The opposite of love is fear. Our fear comes from thoughts of the past which we have repressed and avoided looking at, thoughts of regret for things that we have done in the past or that have happened to us, and anxiety about what might happen in the future.

Unless we are being chased by a bear, there is no fear in Present Awareness. By surrendering our thoughts and bringing our attention to the present, our fear dissipates and we are in harmony with the peace, love and joy of infinite universal energy, which is available to us at any time.

The vast majority of our thoughts do not serve us. They only cause us stress, anxiety and frustration. The pull of compulsive thinking is strong, but its power will lessen the more we maintain our focus on the present. If we are disciplined in keeping our focus on the present, we can reverse the polarity of our being and remain present as our default setting.

Let's surrender our thoughts and keep our awareness on the present moment.

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Nils said...

Yuck. Fear is the worst. It ruled me for most of my life. One of the great things about attaining senior status in life is that there is just less of it to be fearful about. I highly recommend that all you yongsters out there take Phil's words this week to heart.