Sunday, October 4, 2009



Once we become aware of our thoughts and begin to surrender our beliefs, painful memories which we have been repressing will start to emerge into our consciousness. It takes courage to observe these thoughts without slipping back into unconsciousness and becoming lost in compulsive thinking.

The painful memories have a strong emotional charge, so we must remain vigilant and bring our attention to them without judgment of any kind. The emotional pull of painful memories will begin to lessen the more we bring the light of attention to them. As the emotional pull lessens, it will become easier to remain present.

It also takes courage to surrender the beliefs which have been programmed into us for our entire lives. We take great comfort in the beliefs which we share with our parents, our friends and our other social groups. We are afraid of the unknown. We are afraid of what we will be without the safety of our belief structures. There is, of course, nothing to fear. Once we take the leap of surrendering, we will be comforted by the joy of Awareness.

Let's have the courage to surrender our beliefs, and the courage to observe our thoughts, because we know that nothing in our thoughts can harm us.

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