Thursday, July 23, 2009

Start Now

Big Bear Lake, California

If we believe that we have to learn something, achieve something, or acquire something in order to awaken, it will never happen. The only way that we can awaken is now, in this moment. We cannot put it off. No matter how many painful memories we have, or whatever we regret from the past, every new moment is a new opportunity to awaken.

We do not have to meditate. We do not have to acquire wisdom. We do not have to read anything. We do not have to learn anything. We do not have to follow anybody. There is no process to go through.

Is it worth it? It is, if we want to give up our neuroses, our anger, our depression, and frustration. What will we gain? Infinite joy, wisdom and peace.

All we have to do is become present. Now.

Let's start now.

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