Sunday, November 4, 2007


When we bring awareness to our thoughts, we become aware that 99% of them are gibberish. Desire, regret, worry, guilt, envy, frustration. We think, if we only had [insert object of desire here], we would feel [insert desired quality here].

These thoughts and emotions are attempts to cover up our feelings of inadequacy, lack and emptiness. We attempt to fill or cover up the hole in our lives by attempting to add things on to our selves.

The hole that we feel can never be filled because there is no hole. Our compulsive thinking creates the belief that there is something missing from our lives. This belief was created a long time ago and is constantly reinforced by societal belief structures (e.g., media, religion, family traditions).

We can dissolve the hole that we feel by releasing our desires and beliefs and surrendering to freedom. We are not in this alone. If we take the first step, our greater Self will meet us halfway. It will do so because we and It are one and the same. The integration of our self with our higher Self is inevitable.

Let's release our identification with thought and material things and choose freedom.

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