Friday, October 26, 2007


Peace is what we are, our natural state. If we do not feel peaceful, it is because we are telling ourselves stories of who we think we are. The stories often involve worry about the past or dread of the future. We tell these stories to people that we encounter and people repeat these stories back to us. The cycle of reinforcement (and conditioning) started when we were babies and continues until we wake up to what we truly are: love, peace and joy.

How do we break the cycle of addictive thought? By bringing awareness to our thoughts, our emotions and our actions. The light of awareness will allow us to release our stories and surrender to our natural state, which is peace. What is the light of awareness? It is simply attention without judgment.

Let's be aware of our conditioned thoughts and beliefs, look at them without judgment or labels and let go of our stories, which are boring anyway.

Let's return to what we are. Let's embody peace.


Kit said...

Thank you, Phillip, for sharing these wonderful insights with us for so many years.

I'm so glad that you've given this gift to me. When I was younger, your words fell on ears that heard, but didn't listen. Now that I'm older, I feel like I finally understand what it means to let go of the stories, or the constraints of the past. It feels so free, so good, to stop saying "I am this way because my parents taught me so" or "I am this way because the world wronged me" and start saying "I am a peaceful person because I can choose to be." All along, I've been looking for peace, thinking that I'll be peaceful when I have fewer worries, more money, when I can get out of whatever situation I'm in (school, bad job, etc). But it was only when I learned to love what is, and to simply just be, that I found my peace.

I'm glad you started a blog, because I hope that your words will someday inspire many, just as it inspires me.

Nils Montan said...

Thank you Kit and thank you Phillip. I agree that these Monday postings have always been great for me to read and have taught me to slow down and accept reality as it is.

Love to all,