Sunday, February 12, 2017



It is very stressful not knowing whether Trump is going to start a war or infringe on our freedoms which we take for granted.  It is hard to relax when we know that the company we work for is downsizing and we have no idea whether or not we will be laid off.  How can we be at peace when we are waiting for the result of a biopsy?

The only certainty is uncertainty.  We may think we have everything wired and under control, but we really cannot be certain that we will be alive even tomorrow.  We must become comfortable with uncertainty.  Since we have no actual control, we might as well give up trying to control everything.

We must have faith that when we give up control, we will not be lost.  We will not be led astray.  In fact, when we give up control, we are in partnership with an energy source which is beyond description and comprehension.

If we surrender to Uncertainty, we will be led with peace, love and joy to our highest fulfillment.

Let's be comfortable with uncertainty and surrender to the Great Unknown.

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