Sunday, November 27, 2016


East Cape, New Zealand

Are we feeling unhappy?  Afraid?  Lonely?  Unloved?  Angry?  Frustrated?  Do we believe that life keeps putting one obstacle after another in front of us?  Do we believe that the Universe is a horrible place, where bad things happen to good people?  Or at best a random place, where we have no control over what happens to us?

Our fear and unhappiness are caused by our thoughts, and our belief that our thoughts are true.  Our natural state is one of joy, peace, love and freedom.  How do we access that state when it so strongly contradicts our thoughts and beliefs?

We can return to our natural state through stillness, the space between thoughts.  We cannot stop our thoughts.  However, once we comprehend that our thoughts are not true, we can stop identifying with them and view them with indifference.  Once that separation between who we are and who we think we are occurs, we begin to experience peace, which is our natural state.

It is very difficult to create this separation in our very busy, media infused lives.  The only way that I know to slow our thoughts in order to create this separation, is through meditation.

When we meditate, our thoughts begin to slow.  When our thoughts move slower, we are able to realize that in every given moment we have a choice.  We can be lost in thought, believing that we are who we think we are, or we can experience who we truly are: Infinite Presence.

When we choose presence over unconscious thought, we are aware of our connection to (please insert your most comfortable label for the Infinite Wisdom which permeates us all).  Let's call it God.

When we surrender our will to God's, we can stop driving the bus.  Our life is guided by the Universe, and every action that we take is for the highest good of all concerned.  Things start to go our way.  Our anger and frustration diminish.  Good things start to happen, although often in very unexpected ways.  Old habits and friends may fall away, but we attract people who are in harmony with our energy.  Our life's purpose is revealed.

Let's be still.

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