Sunday, September 27, 2015


Blue Thunder

We do not see reality for what it is because we see it through the filter of our conditioned beliefs.

When we look at someone or something, we see it through the prism of our gender identity, our social status, our ethnicity, our political leaning, our educational background and so on and so on. We see a stranger and we think about their color, age, looks, clothes.  We instantaneously make many judgments about each person we encounter.  We put them in a box, which is generally far from what is true.

We can never have true understanding when we don't see things as they are.  We can never experience the peace, love, joy and freedom that comes when we are in harmony with All That Is.

How do we remove the filter and see things as they are?  By seeing without judgment or belief.  By looking without labelling what we see.  By seeing without thought.  

When we look at the world without thought (i.e., through presence), we see things as they really are.  All the barriers that divide us from others fall away.  When we look at the world without judgment, we also see ourselves clearly for the first time.

We experience the peace, love and joy which is our natural state.  We realize that all of the labels and judgments we have been believing are not true.  They are merely reflections of society's conditioning. We stop behaving like programmed robots.  Our lives unfold with passion and excitement.

Everything is new.  Old habits fall away and new patterns emerge.  We vibrate at a higher level and attract people who have similar energy.  We are awake.

Let's see reality just as it is.

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