Sunday, July 20, 2014

Embrace and Surrender

Central Park

Our emotions are the keys to awakening.

Are we worried?  Frustrated?  Irritated?  Angry?  Afraid?  Often over little things?  When we experience strong emotions do we lash out with rage?

Does our worry make us happy?  No.  Does our worry help us to further our goals?  No.  Does it serve any function whatsoever.  No.  Are we stuck in a relentless cycle of worry that we can't do anything about?  No.  Do we have a choice?  Absolutely.

We can rid ourselves of worry by bringing awareness to our thoughts and embracing the feelings within our body.  We embrace them, feel them fully, without acting on them, and surrender them.

Worry consists of unacknowledged thoughts which come from fear.  By bringing awareness without judgment to our thoughts and feelings, and surrendering them as useless relics from our conditioned past, we can free ourselves.

Our unacknowledged emotions cause us to say and act in ways that only bring us unhappiness and frustration.  We can use our emotions to awaken.  When we feel a strong emotion, we should not act on it for at least several moments.  We feel it fully.  We bring our awareness to it.  We do not judge it.  The emotion will subside in a brief period of time.  Then we can act on it if we are moved to do so.

The source of our emotion is not what we think it is.  We believe that some person or some event caused the emotion.  Actually, our emotions are caused by our conditioned belief systems.  The person or event which we believe caused the emotion was merely a trigger which caused us to access the unacknowledged thoughts and emotions within us.

Let's embrace our emotions and surrender them to the Void.

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