Sunday, March 23, 2014


Kamakura, Japan

We desperately yearn for peace in our lives, but we will not take the simple steps necessary to obtain it.

It is as if we were lying in an orchard, yet were starving because we cannot see all the food around us.  We are often agitated, angry, panicked, lost, anxious, envious, and frustrated.  We are at peace rarely, and it is always short-lived.  We go through our lives like programmed zombies, not knowing that there is a better way to live.  It is unconscious thought which causes our agitated states of mind.

We can be peaceful in an instant.  This very instant, if we choose.  All it takes is our intention and a choice.  Right now we can turn our awareness (i.e., our attention without judgment) away from thought and toward the present moment.  In the state of being, our peace resides.  It only takes a moment.

Let's choose peace now.

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