Saturday, August 3, 2013


Cocoa Puff

We cannot awaken in the future.  If we are on the path to enlightenment, we will always be on the path.  The future does not exist.  We can only awaken in the present moment.

How do we awaken in the present?  We can awaken in the present by declaring it.  Once we declare it and take that belief into our hearts, we begin to create a new belief system.

When thoughts or feelings of fear, anger or frustration arise, a cognitive dissonance is created, i.e., we have two inconsistent thoughts.  One of the thoughts will have to give way in order for there to be consistency, which our minds require.  Positive thoughts and beliefs are stronger than negative thoughts.  In the face of the belief "I am awake," the thought "I am afraid," will dissolve.

When the negative thought dissolves, we feel good because it confirms our belief that we are awake.  We say to ourselves "it is really true.  I am awake!"   

The next time thoughts of fear or doubt occur, they hit a much stronger and reinforced wall of belief:  I am awake.  The weaker thought dissolves before it even has a chance to take hold.  It doesn't stand a chance.  We are creating an upward spiral.

Negative thoughts begin to diminish and are eventually met only with amusement.  They have lost their power over us.

The next time we meet with our friends or family, we can tell them that we had a spiritual awakening.  We may receive a positive or negative reaction, or they may have no idea what we are talking about.  It does not matter.  Our awakening is not dependent upon the response of others.  Every time we think it, every time we say it, we are affirming our belief.  We should say it and think it as often as possible.  It may seem like bragging, but affirming that we know who we really are is not a bad thing.  It is not only megalomaniacs who know that they are God.

Can obtaining enlightenment be as easy as declaring it?  I have found it to be true.  Let's try it.  We have nothing to lose.

Let's embody our awakening right now, right this very moment, and bring it deep into our hearts.

We are awake.

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