Sunday, May 26, 2013



Since we do not have enough information to determine through thought what is our best course of action, we can rely on our intuition.  Intuition is information from Universal Spirit.  It is sometimes difficult to tell what is intuition and what is arising from our programmed ego.  Since intuition is from our divine nature, it will always come from a  place of peace, love and joy.  Thoughts from ego will often make us feel agitated, tight and self righteous.

When we are still, we can tune into Divine Energy.  It could be a voice or it could be an urge to take a certain action.  Our bodies help us indicate what is true inspiration.  One course of action will make our bodies feel relaxed and expansive.  Thoughts and cravings from the ego make our bodies feel tight and restrictive.

The chatter of our unconscious stream of thoughts can make it very difficult to tune into our intuition.  That is why meditating or being in nature is so useful to recharge our batteries and allow us to hear the subtle messages that our constantly being transmitted to us.  All we have to do is listen.

Let's be open to Universal guidance.

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