Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hole In The Rock, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

We are not alone.  We think we are alone because of our thoughts and beliefs that we are alone.  Literally, we think we are alone because we think we are alone.  Over generations, we have built a belief structure of separation and aloneness.  It is actually a flimsy house of cards without a foundation.  It can come tumbling down in the blink of an eye.

We are inextricably connected to everything.  We are also part of the Infinite Energy Source, that is often called God.  We are divine beings who have tricked ourselves into believing that we are separate.

We can transcend our aloneness and recognize our oneness, by bringing awareness to our beliefs.  We acknowledge our thoughts of loneliness and surrender them to the Great Unknown.

When we bring awareness to our thoughts, a separation is created between ourselves and our thoughts.  We realize that we are not our thoughts.  Once we realize that we are not our thoughts, we cease to identify with them.  We start to become something besides who we think we are.

Every time we have a thought of loneliness or separation is a new opportunity to acknowledge and surrender. This causes the thought to instantly dissolve. We are free and comforted in the safety of Spirit.

Let's surrender our beliefs and acknowledge our oneness with All That Is.