Sunday, September 16, 2012


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We seek happiness.  When we find it, it is often short-lived.  We are stuck in a cycle of desire, fulfillment and frustration; happiness and unhappiness.  Happiness is by its very nature transitory.

There is a joy that transcends the cycles of happiness and unhappiness.  It is what we truly are.  We can't find it by looking for it.  We merely have to shed the thoughts, judgments and belief systems which keep it obscured from us.

When we experience the joy that is our very essence we will still feel sadness.  However, we will not be lost in it.  When we identify with our feelings, we hang on to them longer than we need to.  The sadness often triggers thoughts and memories which prolong or deepen the sadness and make us feel like there is no escape.  When we live in presence, the sadness quickly passes.  Even while we are experiencing it, we still experience the joy beneath it.  In fact, sometimes we are so overflowing with joy and gratitude, that we want to cry.

How do we find the joy?  Since it is what we are, our very being, all that we have to do is shed the layers of thought that we identify with.  We are not who we think we are.  We are much, much greater than we think we are.  In stillness, we will find our joy.  In being, we will find our joy.  When we are at peace, we will find our joy.  How do we quiet the noise in our heads so that we may know the peace and joy that we are?  By diligently bringing our attention to the present moment.  By realizing that we are not the stories that we tell about ourselves.  By surrendering our opinions, our judgments and our beliefs.

We will not lose ourselves when we step into the new world of being.  We will find ourselves.  Our lives will blossom in ways that we cannot imagine.  We give up nothing, and gain the entire Universe. The time is now. Why should we spend even one more moment not living in peace, joy and love?

Let's surrender to joy.

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