Saturday, July 7, 2012



We have a hole in our lives which we try to fill with alcohol, drugs or material possessions,. We try to avoid the pain and emptiness that we feel by watching television, using the internet, and gossiping with friends.

The hole can never be filled because there is no hole. We just need to change our orientation away from our thoughts, judgments and beliefs, and towards the Divine. When we surrender to the great Unknown, we do not have to be afraid that we will be alone or that we will be susceptible to dark or evil forces. When we allow ourselves to be open to the void of non-attachment, we will be joined by Spirit, which is love.

It is a cliche that "God is love." It is also true. Every action that we take comes from either love or fear. When we act from love, we are in harmony with our true nature and are fulfilling God's purpose for us. When we act from fear, we continue the cycle of desire, frustration, fear and anger.

Let's act from love

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