Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Watcher

Waihihi Bay, New Zealand

We cannot stop thought. However, we can detach ourselves from the idea that we are our thoughts. Our belief that our thoughts are true keeps us from being who we really are. It is unconscious, compulsive thinking that is keeping us from living the lives that we want to live. It is keeping us from being happy and fulfilled.

We can crack the wall of unconscious thought which is separating us from who we really are by bringing awareness to our thoughts. Awareness is attention without judgment. By bringing awareness to our thoughts, without labeling or judgments of any kind, the thoughts begin to lose their stranglehold over us. Their power to control us begins to lessen. We feel more connected and energized. Our lives move in a more positive direction. We become peaceful. We look at everything in a new way.

Let's be aware.

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