Sunday, November 27, 2011

A World Of Thought

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We live in a world of thought. Our entire lives exist within this world of conditioned thoughts and programmed beliefs. It is a limited world of fear, ego, regret, frustration and dread of the future. Every once in a while a sliver from the Ocean of Who We Really Are enters our world in the form of an intuition, premonition or feeling of love or oneness. We either forget about it ten minutes later or fail to acknowledge it at all. It is time to acknowledge and accept who we really are.

We are connected to and nourished by an Ocean of unlimited love, peace, joy and wisdom. It is our very nature, our very selves. All we have to do is remember it. By surrendering our thoughts, judgments and beliefs to the Great Unknown, we are one with the limitless Ocean of Being.

Let's remember who we really are.

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