Sunday, August 21, 2011


Tahapuke Bay, New Zealand

Awareness is attention to the present moment without judgment. It is like working out a muscle. The more time we spend bringing our attention to the present, instead of being lost in obsessive thought, the easier it is to do. The more often we bring our attention to present, the more we are in harmony with Infinite Energy.

When we are aware of our thoughts, we soon realize that almost all of them are gibberish. The thoughts that we have make no sense and do not enhance our lives. Our thoughts primarily consist of remembering past events and imagining how the future will unfold. They are filled with regret, envy, worry and fear. When we bring our attention to what we are doing, our thoughts fade into the background. Our fear subsides and our compulsion to be lost in thought fades.

Let's bring awareness to our thoughts and actions.

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