Wednesday, September 15, 2010



We judge constantly. We judge instantaneously. We judge everything that happens to us. We judge everything we wish would happen to us. We judge others immediately. We judge ourselves relentlessly. We judge because we are insecure and have low self esteem.

If we are confident, it is unnecessary for us to judge. We judge to boost our ego, regardless of whether we are criticizing someone or envious of them. Our judgments prevent us from seeing clearly. Our judgments prevent us from being who we really are.

We believe that our judgments are absolute truth. Although they may or may not be true, they do not help us see clearly or enhance our lives. They only serve to reinforce our fragile egos. We cannot stop judging. However, by bringing pure awareness to our thoughts, judgments will fall away because we no longer need them.

Let's see things as they are, Not as we are afraid they are or wish they were.

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Phoebe Legere's MONAD said...

Right on target as always Phil. I love your blog.
You have always had serene confidence. How do you do it?