Monday, April 5, 2010


Asakusa Festival, Tokyo, Japan

When we surrender what we think and believe about who we think we are, ironically, we become who we really are.

What we think about our reality is not necessarily truth about our reality. It is only a thought, which may or may not be true. To experience reality as it really is, and not how we think it is, or wish it was, we need to shift our awareness away from thinking. We are afraid to do this.

Regardless of the fact that our thoughts and beliefs usually bring us frustration, anxiety, stress, unhappiness and unease, we are afraid to give them up. We believe that if we give up our beliefs, we will lose our identity, our safety, and our bonds with our family and social groups.

It is true that if we surrender our thoughts and beliefs, we will give up certain aspects of our identity. Some of our social groups may lose our interest or the groups may not want us to be around. We will certainly change.

Isn't it a fair bargain to give up our neuroses, our unhappiness, frustration and pettiness, in order to become peaceful, loving, wise, and connected to everyone and everything?

There is nothing to fear from surrender.

Let's surrender to what we are.

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